I am a full time software developer, I write mobile phone games to keep my brain active when my real work gets a bit dull.

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  1. Congratulations for your initial success on WP7 marketplace. Can you tell me are you earning some money through advertising on Traffic game?

    • Thanks Raheel. The advertisement is currently getting over *** impressions each day, so yes I am making money from it.

      Edit: I’m not supposed to share ad impression information.

      • Thats great! I downloaded and played traffic, its wonderful the controls are perfect. As you have enough experience in wp7 marketplace I want to take an advice from you, can a developer earn over $100 daily through advertising if his game in top ten

      • Traffic has generated more than $100 per day for two weeks now, so yes it is possible. The app was getting a lot of ad impressions even before it got into the top 100 so don’t think that your app needs to break the top 10 to make any money. Keep in mind that replay value is also very important for generating ad revenue, if your game gets played once and then uninstalled then it’s going to make very little.

  2. Hey, why you didn’t update in your website that your game is on number 7 in marketplace, I believe its a big achievement for you. BTW your per day ad generated revenue is getting better day by day ?

    • Thanks, I might make another post if it hits #5. Nobody is reading this blog anyway and I don’t want to brag too much, I know I got lucky with Traffic.

      The revenue fluctuates based on the ecpm (cost per 1000 impressions) which seems very random.

  3. Hi there, I am really enjoying your slideout game on wp7! If you could recommend one reading source on programming on wp7, what would it be?


    • It really depends on what you know already. I was coding in C# for a couple years already so WP7 development wasn’t hard to get into.

      I actually watched a few of the WP7 jump start training videos which you can find here. The sample code used in the video series was very helpful for me.

      • Fantastic, thanks for the link. It’s great that there is so much WP7 info out there – it’s knowing a good place to start!

        I have been reading this PDF here: http://www.charlespetzold.com/phone/index.html

        It sounds like looking at C# is the way forward. I have experience in VB, whoops time to move on! I have the hunger, onwards and upwards!

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