Updates and Vacation!

It’s been great to get reviews for Super Picross from people who are enjoying the daily puzzles! The list of puzzles is getting quite large, to the point where I need to make an update to organize them better. It’s on my list of things to do, as well as some ports to windows 8. 

With that in mind, I am taking 2 weeks off work to go to Tanzania! Thankfully there are enough daily puzzle submissions that I can set them in advance and not worry about it.

One thought on “Updates and Vacation!

  1. Hello,

    I would like to leave a comment / suggestion about organizing the Super Picross puzzles.

    First, the daily puzzles are fantastic! Please keep them coming because I like solving them!

    Now, I would like to provide a suggestion on how to further organize the puzzles.

    Problem: I like that the puzzles are organized into their respective months. Unfortunately, I find that swiping between months can sometimes be a hassle. For example, if I want to solve a puzzle back in September 2012, I will need to swipe the screen quite a few times before I get to September 2012.

    Suggestion: Can you provide a drop-down menu that will allow users to easily select the month that the puzzle is located in? This drop-down menu can be placed on the same screen as where the options for “Starter Puzzles”, “Daily Puzzles”, and “My Puzzles” are located. I understand that some people may find they prefer the swiping motion instead of the drop-down menu. As such, I would also like to suggest that the swiping motion remain in place; the drop-down menu would be an additional option

    Thank you for the great app and for the great puzzles!

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