Super Picross v1.0 Released!

Download Super Picross

My 3rd game Super Picross just got released to the WP7 marketplace!

If you’ve never played Picross/Griddlers before it can be as addictive as sudoku and in my opinion much more awesome. I’m a big fan of logic games and I wasn’t satisfied with the current Picross games in the market so I made my own.

The big challenge with Picross games is that the phone screen isn’t big enough for large puzzles so to keep it all touch controlled there has to be a zoom feature. I modeled the zoom feature off Pixelogic for iPhone, dynamically resizing the grid to focus on a 5×5 section. I think it works pretty well but it might take some getting used to.

There’s only 24 levels in the original release but I’m hoping the daily puzzles will make up for it. There’s a level creator and submission system so each day I’ll be adding a new puzzle. I’m getting bored with playing my own levels so I want to try some of yours :).

Please send me your comments/feedback


One thought on “Super Picross v1.0 Released!

  1. Hi,
    I downloaded this game a few months ago – it’s amazing! And very addictive:) I have one question – is there any possibility to download the daily puzzles to PC? They are very pleasant for solving, and I would like to keep them both on PC and phone.

    Thank you for any hints


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