Traffic 2.0 released!

Since a few people have said they finished every level I thought it was time for an update. Traffic 2.0 has 120 more levels! Some of these are more difficult than any of the original levels.

The other big change is that levels use a star ranking now, with 3 stars for a perfect score. I thought my original design was getting overly complicated with stars, check marks and borders. The graphics are also slightly improved, the vehicles have softer colors and some of the uglier colored vehicles are gone. The red car is now a convertible!

I added a notification asking for a review after the 10th time you start the game, I’m hoping this will get more quality reviews in the midst of all the spam.

Let me know what you think! I am still working on another game and have been making good progress recently. I’d like to update Slideout as well but the downloads for it haven’t been that great recently.