Traffic 1.3 released! :) (and some talk about privacy)

I hope you enjoy the latest update to Traffic, I added support for basic themes. The Smile theme was something I coded a while ago as a joke but I finally decided to put it in the game :).

I get the occasional user concerned about why my games require owner identity, data connection and web browser. The web browser is so I can link to this blog, the owner identity and data connection are used by the advertisement. How do you know that I’m not taking your data and selling it? Well one reason is because I have no motivation to (I’m making plenty off ads), the other is because it’s all anonymous data.

Apps get the “Owner Identity” requirement (ID_CAP_IDENTITY_USER) when they use the UserExtendedProperties Class. The only supported property available from this class is “ANID” (see MSDN).Β  This property is for getting your “Anonymous Windows Live ID” so that you can be identified uniquely by the app. It’s quite possible that Microsoft’s advertising recognizes your phone from other apps you’ve used but it doesn’t actually have any personal information. If any of this information is incorrect please let me know :).

Microsoft’s advertising also has the ability to use your GPS coordinates to target advertising based on where you live, but only if the app has “Location Services” enabled and shares this information. This is what my games used to do but I removed it when some users complained, I can understand why it’s a privacy issue.

Thanks for giving me your feedback!



11 thoughts on “Traffic 1.3 released! :) (and some talk about privacy)

  1. Love the game, very addictive. The last set (impossible group) are really difficult but I have done three of them and would love to finish them off, but I really do think that they are impossible.

    One comment is that occasionally I click restart by accident, which is really annoying. A confirmation message would be good here.

    Great though!


    • Thanks Tom! None of the puzzles in Slideout are impossible but they are extremely difficult. I didn’t design most of them, they were chosen for the game because of their difficulty. I will be impressed if anyone finishes them all.

      I may add a confirmation for restarting a level in the next update.

  2. Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your game.
    I wanted to point out one detail. I managed to clear every level within the target specified except for one. On the Orange Lot Level 8. I have tried every possible solution and there does not seem to be a way to do it in less than 38 moves. The 37 move target appears to not be possible.
    Every other level is doable. Thank you.

    • Thanks Ed. I just verified that Orange Lot 8 can be done in 37 moves. I can post a solution if you are still stuck.

      • Might as well give me the solution. I have wasted way too much of my time on this. Thanks.

  3. Sorry Ed, but Ive done all of the Trffic Levels in the specified target.

    You want to try Slideout as you must be pretty good. There arent target (I used over 1000 moves for one of the Impossible ones)
    Ive now done all but 2.

    But Im too busy to spend the seveal hours required to get the last 2 write!

    I’ll let you know.

  4. Thank you once again for creating such entertaining and challenging games both with Traffic and Slideout.
    I finally completed the last of the Impossible levels today on Slideout. I have to say, the impossible levels were some of the most challenging puzzles I have ever done.
    Please keep us posted on any new games you have coming. I’m excited to see what’s next.

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