Slideout v1.0 released!

If you enjoyed Traffic you should try my other app Slideout. It’s a similar concept but the blocks move in both directions and the puzzles have a lot more variation. It’s a lot more challenging so be prepared to think.

I actually decided to scrap my old app Sliders Klotski and release it again as a free app. It’s hard to get anywhere in the market as a paid app and I think part of the problem was the poor name and logo. I apologize to the 14 people who bought it.

In contrast Traffic is doing well. The stats are just coming in now and it’s averaging a few hundred downloads each day. Thank you to everyone who downloaded it and wrote reviews, it’s very encouraging for me. I’m going to work on some updates soon so don’t remove it yet!

I also have plans for a third app which I’m going to start on this weekend. Please subscribe to this blog to keep up to date with any new updates or releases!


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