Traffic Jam for Windows 8 passes 100,000 downloads

I made some updates recently to Traffic Jam for Windows 8 and it recently hit 100,000 downloads! It’s getting about 500 downloads/day now which is respectable. 
For comparison, Super Picross for Windows Phone is at about 40 downloads/day yet it produces more ad revenue than any of my other games. The ‘daily puzzles’ are what keep people coming back to the app.

Traffic passes 400,000 downloads!

Traffic just hit 400,000 downloads on February 5! Window Phone 8 has definitely helped boost downloads, I’m getting close to 800 a day again after dropping quite a bit.

Super Picross hasn’t had nearly as many downloads but it seems to get almost as many ad impressions. The Daily Puzzle feature is great for getting people using the app regularly. It’s a lot of fun playing the submitted levels too.

Ads aren’t paying very well anymore so 2012 wasn’t quite as successful as 2011. However my apps still have a good place in the windows phone market which is growing everyday. It’s also my 29th birthday and I’m quite happy 🙂

Updates and Vacation!

It’s been great to get reviews for Super Picross from people who are enjoying the daily puzzles! The list of puzzles is getting quite large, to the point where I need to make an update to organize them better. It’s on my list of things to do, as well as some ports to windows 8. 

With that in mind, I am taking 2 weeks off work to go to Tanzania! Thankfully there are enough daily puzzle submissions that I can set them in advance and not worry about it.

Super Picross v1.0 Released!

Download Super Picross

My 3rd game Super Picross just got released to the WP7 marketplace!

If you’ve never played Picross/Griddlers before it can be as addictive as sudoku and in my opinion much more awesome. I’m a big fan of logic games and I wasn’t satisfied with the current Picross games in the market so I made my own.

The big challenge with Picross games is that the phone screen isn’t big enough for large puzzles so to keep it all touch controlled there has to be a zoom feature. I modeled the zoom feature off Pixelogic for iPhone, dynamically resizing the grid to focus on a 5×5 section. I think it works pretty well but it might take some getting used to.

There’s only 24 levels in the original release but I’m hoping the daily puzzles will make up for it. There’s a level creator and submission system so each day I’ll be adding a new puzzle. I’m getting bored with playing my own levels so I want to try some of yours :).

Please send me your comments/feedback


Traffic 2.1 released

I added 60 more levels to Traffic and fixed some bugs. The game should be available in a lot more countries now once their marketplaces open. There was an annoying bug where the application settings were getting cleared, and this caused the review prompt to appear multiple times for some people. I removed the crash reporting by email since Microsoft shares crash reports to developers now. I also updated the advertisement control to use the latest SDK.

Traffic passes 200000 downloads


It took a while, but Traffic passed 200,000 downloads on July 16!

You can probably see that the downloads/day has decreased a lot. I think this can be attributed to the limited user base of Windows Phone, it’s almost impossible to maintain 1000+ downloads/day unless there are new users to keep downloading your app. Once there are some new phones released hopefully the downloads will pick up again.

I haven’t been developing at home much recently because of some problems getting the Mango tools installed (not enough space left on my windows partition). I just reinstalled windows and visual studio and I’m hoping to get some work done this weekend. I will hopefully release some new levels in the next week.

Traffic 2.0 released!

Since a few people have said they finished every level I thought it was time for an update. Traffic 2.0 has 120 more levels! Some of these are more difficult than any of the original levels.

The other big change is that levels use a star ranking now, with 3 stars for a perfect score. I thought my original design was getting overly complicated with stars, check marks and borders. The graphics are also slightly improved, the vehicles have softer colors and some of the uglier colored vehicles are gone. The red car is now a convertible!

I added a notification asking for a review after the 10th time you start the game, I’m hoping this will get more quality reviews in the midst of all the spam.

Let me know what you think! I am still working on another game and have been making good progress recently. I’d like to update Slideout as well but the downloads for it haven’t been that great recently.